The capacity of the global communications network is being progressively increased to handle the rapid growth in telecommunication traffic generated by the Internet. Nowdays, new submarine optical cable systems can provide the huge capacity and short transmission delay required by carriers. There are two ways to increase capacity: construct a new submarine cable system or upgrade the existing one.

TELECORE TECHNOLOGIES have the best experience working with the new technology involving upgrading the existing submarine cable system, in particular, coupler insertion technology. Our experience involved integration between the existing submarine line terminal equipment (SLTE) and new SLTE so that both can co-exist in one system. Our engineers have gone from South East Asia until Africa to work with upgrading the SEAMEWE4 SLTE system. We worked with local operator like ETISALAT, CAT from Thailand, TELEKOM Malaysia, STC from Saudi Arabia and Algérie Télécom. We have high experience in installation, testing, commissioning and integration various SLTE equipment vendor like Mitsubishi.

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We will be starting our second submarine fiber project by early next year involving route from Singapore, middle east until europe. We also will be part of Huawei enterprise project by next year.
We involved in many type of projects domestically and overseas. Please check here for more detailed.