Who We are

Telecore Technologies founded by gathering the best expertise in Malaysia’s telecommunication industry. Our expertise has been involved with many project inside and outside Malaysia like Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Algeria. We’ve been working with various multinational operators and vendors all across the globe.

We are a telecommunication company with a futuristic outlook and a commitment to the customer, which is of prime importance to us in building enduring relationships for the future. Our success in this challenging market is the result of an unwavering focus on anticipating market trends, identifying and meeting our customers' needs, providing them with world class expertise and keeping up with advances in today’s world of telecommunication.

The fundamental element in achieving this success is the way we empower and develop our employees to make the right decision for both our customers and our company. We promote ourselves as a premium professional company offering an unparalleled expertise and quality of services throughout the telecommunication world.